What started as hobby for an avid backyard gardener has now become a “must have” in Cayman households and a perfect souvenir gift to take back home - Hot gourmet pepper jelly guaranteed to get your taste buds flowing.

It’s made from locally grown scotch bonnet peppers and what Caymanians call “seasoning” peppers. But, the list of ingredients does not stop there… freshly ground Jamaican pimento, nutmeg, cloves, garlic, onions, and other locally grown species of West Indian peppers and sweet peppers make up this spicy gourmet delight produced by Carol Hay.

The pepper jelly’s delicious blend of sweet, tangy and hot is sure to add a tasty kick to any table.


Available at all supermarkets and select souvenir outlets on Grand Cayman.  NO overseas orders available.

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Phone : 345-526-6932


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