Artist and musician Gordon Solomon was born in George Town, Grand Cayman during the late 70's. As a Caymanian artist, he uses his community and surroundings as a constant reminder of where he desires to go within the world of art.

Gordon continues to unearth his talent to create works of art that jolt viewers, intrigues and invites them to stay a while longer and journey into his paintings. His cultural paintings capture the serenity of the Cayman Islands, but also, he says, "Imparts our heritage and culture in a way that people can feel reminisce when looking at them and understand where we came from.

With exhibitions locally and internationally his techniques and styles are noticeably unique. His original paintings and some prints can be found locally at the Cayman Museum, the CI National Archives and galleries such as Pure Art Gallery, Kennedy Gallery and The National Gallery and Artblend Gallery in Florida.

Gordon invites commissioned paintings for those who desire an exceptional piece of fine art.

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