He's to the Caribbean what Jimmy Buffet is to Key West, but everyone knows him only as "Barefoot." Barefoot is the biggest "B" to hit the island since Blackbeard. No visit to the island is complete without taking in George Nowak and his band (The Barefoot Man and Band).

Mr. Nowak has worked his rhythmic wonders on the island since he sank his toes in the sand here in 1971. He arrived with his guitar and a bag full of belongings after wandering in the Bahamas, St. Thomas and Hawaii. "Anywhere there's a coconut tree and sunshine, that's where you'll find me," he says.

"Caribbean islanders gave me the name Barefoot Man. They love to dress up, and shoes are important. Lack of shoes is a form of poverty.

"But it was natural for me. Why wear shoes? In my early performances in odd bars I played barefoot. So they called me Barefoot Man, No Shoes Man, Barefoot Boy, and I ended up Barefoot or just 'Foot.

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